Wicked Hill Cover

Wicked Hill

A Novella by Ed Sams

Poor Amy Scoggins must work as the hired girl on Wicked Hill, where two old maid sisters use her as a cat’s paw to play wicked tricks upon one another. From booby traps to hoodoos, hexes, and jinxes, Misses Henrietta and Marietta Wicks work Amy night and day, even invading her dreams at night. By the first snowfall, Amy realizes that she is trapped on Wicked Hill until the spring thaw. How can she withstand the wicked ways of these two old witches without becoming a witch herself?

There is a secret to Wicked Hill, a buried treasure of stolen gold that is the seat and secret heart of the witches’ power. However, neither of the sisters Wicks listened closely enough to their Old Mam on her deathbed to know where to find the key to unlock the hidden trove. Miss Henrietta studies clocks; Miss Marietta collects locks. If Amy Scoggins can outwit them both and get to the treasure first, she might find the means to escape the bewitchment of Wicked Hill.

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