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Lizzie Borden Unlocked!

By Ed Sams

Read the story of the murder case that shocked New England in 1892. Did Lizzie really hack her parents to death? Why was she never convicted? And why have she and her hatchet become legend? During her own time, Lizzie was a cause celebre of a women's movement and an example of Christian piety. Her acquittal is a tribute to the American justice system and its main tenet of innocent until proven guilty. In many ways she is a success story, and it is how her own dark dreams coincide with the America Dream that makes her legendary. 66 pages.

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Lizzie Andrew Borden

Andrew Borden

Abby Borden

Emma Borden

Bridget, the maid

Mr. Borden's corpse

Mrs. Borden's corpse

The Borden jury

Lizzie's home, Maplecroft

Nance O'Neil